New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Start Your Landscape Right With These 5 Foundation Elements

The foundations of your landscape are the most important components. By getting an early start on these, the likelihood of developing a beautiful yard for many years is higher. What are these foundations and why should you begin with them? Here are five of the most important. 

1. A Plan. Before you dig up or plant anything, take the time to prepare a landscape design. Many homeowners place items that appeal to them, but the result isn't a cohesive plan. Instead, consider the landscape as a whole and think about its water, shade, sunlight, weather exposure, and geography before doing anything. It will look better and grow more easily. 

2. Soil Testing. What kind of growing conditions does your soil provide? Is it acidic, alkaline, or balanced? Is it sandy, full of organic matter, or clay? Find out what's going on underneath the ground by testing your soil and understanding its makeup. Corrections and soil amendments will provide the right environment for plants, trees, and shrubs to thrive. 

3. Irrigation. Water is a key element of any good landscape, so it must come into play in the early stages of design and development. You'll need to craft an irrigation system that provides what various landscape features need, and you'll have to do it when the soil is fresh and clear. 

4. Grading. While water is an important factor, how it drains is just as important. The wrong grading causes rain and melted snow to flow toward the house's foundation, pool in unwanted areas, attract pests, and evaporate too quickly in other areas. Generally, you perform the majority of grading work before anything is planted. Otherwise, you'll spend time, energy, and money later to dig up and fix spots. 

5. Shade. Finally, give your yard and home a break by getting trees planted as soon as possible. Shade trees take years to provide relief from the hot sun, so get started on them early. Knowing where your shade trees will be allows you to promote good air circulation and breezes, plant sun and shade-loving plants, and create comfortable backyard entertainment areas. 

Where to Start

Want help with these five vital foundation elements? No matter whether you're starting with a fresh, new construction landscape or you need to makeover your yard, getting these things right sets you up for success. Find out how by meeting with an experienced landscape designer in your area today.  

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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