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Beautify Your Block Walls with Concrete Finishing Techniques

Block walls are an affordable way to accomplish many things around your property. Unfortunately, that unfinished block wall is not as pretty as some of the more expensive options that you may have opted against; however, those block walls can become beautiful with a little work and some unique concrete finishing techniques.

Materials Used to Finish Vertical Concrete

The material used to finish vertical concrete surfaces is much like your average concrete, but it is much more lightweight. The lightweight formula is treated like traditional concrete, but when it dries, it does not weigh quite as much, which will prevent it from falling off of the concrete surface it is applied to.

Finishes to Choose From

You basically have three different finishing techniques to choose from, but those three techniques can be combined or used singly to produce a unique finish for your block wall. These techniques include

  • Stamping – Stamping requires the use of stamp-like tools to finish the concrete surface. The lightweight concrete is spread onto the surface, and then the stamp is used to create a pattern in it. The patterns can vary drastically – you can choose from stone shapes to intricate decorative patterns.
  • Skin Texturizing – This is much like stamping, but instead of stamps, rubber-like skins are used to create the patterned or decorative finish. In many cases, the skins include more detail than the average stamp, so the overall finish looks more detailed and possibly morerealistic than stamped concrete does.
  • Carving – Carving concrete can cost a little more than the stamps or skins, but it is also a great way to get a truly unique look for your block wall. The lightweight concrete is spread onto the surface and the mason works to carve patterns, shapes or designs into the surface by hand. This creates a one of a kind finish that is only on your block wall.
  • Combined Techniques – Combining two or more of the techniques can create an even more in-depth design for your block wall. Using the stamps to create the basic design and detailing that design by carving depth into the design can give it a more realistic and appealing look.

Stains for Color

Another thing to consider is staining the concrete finish. This gives you the ability to pick and choose just about any color for your block wall. You can blend the block wall into its surroundings or stain it a flashy color to create a focal point on your property.

Talk with your local concrete experts, such as Dansons Landscaping Inc, to learn more about finishing your block wall beautifully.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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