New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Tips For Prepping Your Lawn For Hydroseed

The early spring is an ideal time to start thinking about giving your lawn a whole new look. If your grass took a beating over the winter, you may find that you want to start over and have the whole space re-seeded. One of the best ways to do that is by having the whole property treated with hydroseed. Here's a look at how to prepare your yard before the hydroseed application.

Get Rid of Weeds And Invasive Growth

Weeds choke out any other growth in the area, so you'll want to make sure that there are no weeds left in the yard. Make sure that you're removing the roots and everything because even a residual root left behind can sprout more weeds and draw nutrients from the soil, which may prevent the grass from truly rooting.

Once you've pulled all of the weeds out of the yard, treat the soil with an herbicide to eliminate anything else left behind. Just make sure that you note how long you have to wait before you apply the hydroseed. Most herbicide products remain effective in the soil for a week or so after application, so don't apply seed until you've passed the period marked on the package.

Clean Out Any Debris

When you start tilling the soil to pull up weeds, you're going to turn up some rocks, sticks, and other debris. Take time to remove all of that from the soil before you treat the area with hydroseed. The first couple of inches of soil should be completely clean to ensure that the roots have room to grow safely.

You might also want to consider testing the soil to see what kind of nutrient balance it has. If it needs to be amended, you could simply apply a couple of inches of well-balanced, nutrient-rich topsoil instead. Spread it out evenly across the entire yard, then rake it completely to ensure that everything is even. Once you've done that, compact the surface a little bit by using a roller. This creates a stable foundation for the grass seed to stick to.

Be Prepared To Water Regularly

Once you apply hydroseed to the lawn, you need to be sure that you water it frequently. Hydroseed requires a persistently moist environment for the seed to germinate. You can install an irrigation system before you apply the hydroseed to have the easy access to watering on a predetermined schedule. As an alternative, just make sure you keep the soil damp at all times for the first couple of weeks, or until the grass seed starts to appear. Then, you can slow your watering to the standard watering cycle for the grass you've opted to grow. 

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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