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Three Basic Questions Concerning Drip Irrigation Systems Answered

Ensuring that your home's yard is lush and green will require you to regularly water it. For many homeowners, this will involve placing sprinklers around the yard, and while this will water the plants, it can be a remarkably wasteful option. A better solution can be to install a drip irrigation system, but if you have limited experience or knowledge about these systems, you might need to have the following few questions addressed.

How Does A Drip Irrigation System Improve Your Home's Water Efficiency?

When you utilize a sprinkler system, much of the water that is used by this system will evaporate before it reaches the target plants. Additionally, these systems can substantially overwater areas of the yard while almost missing others. When you opt for a drip irrigation system, you can help to avoid these issues because this type of irrigation will slowly drip water onto the soil. This minimizes evaporation, and will allow you to minimize coverage gaps because the irrigation tubing can be placed extremely close to the areas where there are plants you want to water.

Will A Drip Irrigation System Make Your Yard's Erosion Worse?

There is a concern among some homeowners that installing this type of system will worsen erosion issues that may be present. However, this is not the case because drip irrigation systems will use a fraction of the water that a sprinkler system needs, which can help to minimize runoff. Additionally, the soil will not be disturbed when watering because the tubing will slowly drip water onto the soil as opposed to a sprinkler which can cause the water to forcefully impact the soil. For these reasons, this type of irrigation can be ideal for homeowners that are struggling with combating erosion issues.

What Are The Steps For Caring For A Drip Irrigation System?

Some homeowners might be hesitant about installing this type of irrigation systems because they are worried about the amount of maintenance that will be needed. Luckily, this is not a fear that you should have, because these systems require very little care. In fact, the only real work that you need to do is to prepare the system for the cold winter months. This can be done by simply draining the tubing. If you fail to properly winterize the irrigation system, water inside the tubes can freeze, which may cause the tubing to rupture. When this damage occurs, it will be necessary to excavate the damaged portion of the system so that it can be replaced, but you can easily avoid this following the instructions on your system for draining the tubing of water.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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