New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Landscape Recommendations for a Healthy Yard and Vegetation

Having a great looking yard and landscaping is a satisfying achievement for any homeowner. If your yard looks unkempt and shaggy, then your whole property's appearance is going to be lacking. Whether you have time to work on your yard yourself or need help and hire a professional landscape service, here are some recommendations to keep your yard and its landscaping looking great and maintained throughout the year.

1. Keep an Eye on Your Lawn

Your lawn contributes a large appearance to your yard and you need to give it the attention it needs to keep it looking its best. Make sure you mow your lawn at least each week, which will keep the lawn from growing too long and blocking your sprinklers. And by doing the lawn trimming each week, you are less likely to trim off too much of the lawn's length, which can be harmful to the lawn and stress it out. 

Watch for signs of heat stress in your lawn, which are going to be visible in the color and reaction to your lawn when you step upon it. If your lawn starts to get darker in color and the blades look dull, and if it does not spring back up when you step on it, this is a sign it needs water. Apply water deeply so the water seeps down into the soil and promotes the lawn's roots to grow similarly deeply. This is a great way to help your lawn survive during drought conditions and helps you manage the water usage. Talk to local landscaping services to make sure this type of watering schedule can boost your lawn's health.

2. Compost Your Leaves

If you have any trees in your yard or the surrounding property, it can be realistic to expect to have to clean up leaves in the fall. But what you do with those leaves can improve your yard. You don't want to leave the leaves on your lawn and landscaping over the winter because this can damage your plants. Instead of bagging up the leaves and disposing of them, you can use them as a mulch material to your yard and keep down weed growth. 

You can also use the leaves to make a compost mixture to help improve the condition of your soil and plants. Your landscaper can provide you with the leaves or you can pile them onto a site in your yard where you can make a compost pile. Add lawn clippings, organic kitchen scraps, and rotate the mixture every few days and let it sit in the sun while it breaks down into rich compost. 

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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