New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Overgrown Land? Have It Brush Mulched

Do you have a part of your property that is overgrown with tall weeds, small bushes, and even some young trees? You might look at this land and worry that you'll never be able to clear it. And the good news is you don't have to. At least, you don't have to clear it yourself. There are companies that offer a service called brush mulching, and you can hire one of them to clear the land for you. Keep reading to learn more.

What is brush mulching?

Brush mulching is when a service comes through using a special machine to not only mow down all of the overgrowth on a piece of land but also turn that overgrowth into mulch. In other words, the machine will cut the plants down and then chop them up. The machines used for brush mulching often look like large tractors. They have big blades in the front and a grinding mechanism underneath. The mulch tends to get thrown out the back into a big collector, which may be a trailer or a part of the actual brush mulching machine, depending on the model.

What if there are trees too large for the brush mulcher?

Usually, the companies that offer brush mulching also offer land clearing services. This means they also have the equipment to take down larger trees. So, if there are any bigger trees on the land, they'll generally go knock those down first — and probably mulch them — before continuing to brush mulch the rest of the land. You may have to pay an extra fee if you need to have some larger trees removed separately, but it can usually be done on the same day.

What happens to the mulch?

Usually, the company that comes to brush mulch your land keeps the mulch. They sell it to other landscaping companies, or they might use it in their own landscaping projects. This helps them keep their brush mulching costs down. They can make a profit off of the mulch, enabling them to charge less for the service.

If you want to keep the mulch, this can usually be arranged, but make sure you talk to the brush mulching company about it well in advance.

If you have overgrown land, hiring a brush mulching team to help clear it for you. They have the equipment and skills needed to take care of the problem.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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