New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Prepare A Landscape Design Plan For Your Yard

Preparing a landscape design plan is the first step many homeowners take when transforming their yards to be more visually appealing and functional. The microclimate, the topography and drainage characteristics, and the intended use should be considered when contemplating some landscaping upgrades. 

The Microclimate

A landscape design will add structure to a piece of property and showcase various plants, trees, and other types of vegetation. A landscape design plan can include the use of organic materials and hardscaping features. A microclimate is a climate within a restricted area. This climate refers to a set of atmospheric conditions that may differ from those that are featured outside of the area that has been defined.

For your design plans, you should focus on the climate that is featured in your yard. Sun, partial shade, shade, and full shade are often considered when identifying a microclimate. Being aware of what types of environmental factors may affect the growth of vegetation will allow you to choose plant varieties that will be likely to thrive on your land.

Upon identifying your yard's microclimate, research plants that will acclimate well to your property's conditions. The topography of the land and the drainage characteristics of the soil may affect which types of plants you choose to add to your property. Tilling the land or adding fertilizers and drainage materials to the ground may support the growth of new plants.

The Intended Use

The manner in which your property will be used may influence the landscape design. For example, if young kids will be spending time outdoors, you may want to set up plenty of areas for the children to play, but be wary about potential damage occurring to the new vegetation that is added to your land. New plants can become trampled, especially if there are no barriers in place that will prevent foot traffic from coming into contact with them.

A landscaping design service will help you appropriate the space in your yard. You can choose form a series of plants, hardscaping materials, and grass seed varieties. A centralized location can be set up for the majority of the activities that will be participated in outdoors.

Sidewalks, paved pathways, and other hardscaped features can be used to create walking areas or borders that will surround plants. If the design of your home is going to tie into the landscape design that you choose, you will be guided in choosing natural and manmade materials that will complement your home's exterior, plus beautify your land.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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