New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Understanding The 3 Essential Goals Of Tree Maintenance

If you own any property, there's a reasonably good chance that you also own at least one tree. Trees are a common part of most American landscapes, and you can usually find one or two trees in even the smallest yards. Unfortunately, trees aren't the stoic and unmovable objects they seem to be at first glance. In fact, trees are susceptible to many potential problems. 

Large or small, it's your responsibility as a homeowner to care for the trees on your property. However, it's easy to misunderstand why these steps are necessary. If you've been letting your trees grow out of control, it's probably time to contact an arborist to help you maintain your trees. Keep reading for the three essential goals of any tree maintenance program.

1. Safety

There's no denying that big trees can create an imposing and frightening appearance. These behemoths tower over landscapes and can cause significant injury or property damage if they fall. However, even relatively small trees can weigh as much as half a ton. Improperly maintained trees of any size can pose a significant hazard to your property and those on it.

Even if a tree doesn't fall, there are still risks. Large branches can be heavy enough to cause serious injuries or even crush cars, and low branches can be an issue when mowing the lawn or just walking in your yard. The most important goal when maintaining your trees is always to ensure that you can enjoy them without putting yourself or others at risk.

2. Health

Most trees are relatively long-lived, and even species with shorter life spans tend to live for as long or longer than humans. Despite their ability to go on for centuries or longer, trees are still vulnerable to pests, disease, fungus, and other health issues. In many cases, built-up urban and suburban environments can add extra stresses, such as harmful invasive species.

Relying on a professional to help maintain your trees can keep them in good health and let you spot and address problems before they cause severe damage. Keeping your trees healthy will allow them to live for longer, minimize the risks they pose to other nearby trees, and keep them strong in the face of environmental hazards, such as winds and storms.

3. Beauty

Of course, properly maintaining your trees is also about keeping them looking good. While safety and health are more urgent issues, achieving these goals also improves the appearance of your trees. Maintaining trees so they're safe and healthy ensures they look as good as possible, without the ugly marks left behind by pests and disease.

Taking care of the basic needs of your trees also allows you to maintain them in a way that supports your other landscaping goals. Healthy trees can tolerate more pruning and produce lush, beautiful foliage that will fit in with the rest of your home's softscaping. By taking a maintenance approach that caters to your trees' needs, you'll ensure a beautiful landscape for many years to come.

Contact a local tree maintenance service to learn more. 

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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