New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Like Regular Change? 3 Landscape Features To Maximize Flexibility

Some homeowners may love working on their landscape and creating something beautiful to enjoy long-term. However, you might prefer regular change, making it difficult to invest in certain landscape features, knowing you will want to replace them over the years. 

A viable solution is to invest in projects that maximize freedom and flexibility. This way, you can work with and around these core features to satisfy your desire for consistent change. Hiring landscapers is worthwhile because they can strategically plan and implement these features.

Irrigation System

Adding an irrigation system will alleviate manual watering responsibilities. While some systems are designed and installed for a particular landscape setup, you can work with professionals to maximize flexibility. This setup will allow you to routinely change the grass, flowers, shrubs, or trees and still get most or all of the watering you need from the irrigation system.

A rain sensor and smart controls are two features worth prioritizing. The rain sensor prevents your landscape from being overwatered. Also, the smart functionality will allow you to monitor the whole system on a smart device and make scheduling or watering adjustments as needed.

Retaining Walls

Controlling and preventing erosion is an excellent way to create landscape flexibility. Landscaping professionals can inspect your landscape to determine which areas have the greatest erosion risk. Then, you can work with them to add retaining walls to address the issue.

A secondary benefit of retaining walls is making a level surface to grow plants. A flat surface is important because it allows plants to absorb water successfully. Growing on an incline can cause issues when plants cannot soak up enough water since it constantly moves away.

Mulch Beds

An exciting feature to add throughout your landscape is mulch beds. These beds provide an ideal growing environment for plants. Some benefits include eliminating competition for water and nutrients because weeds will not grow nearby, and other plants are far enough away.

Mulch beds are excellent choices to accommodate your preference for routine change because you can consistently grow different flowers and shrubs. An excellent example is cycling through annuals or biennials because they take one or two years to complete their life cycle. You can even change the mulch occasionally from organic to inorganic or between the same type. Rubber, river rock, pea gravel, grass, straw, wood chips, and wood shavings make up some of the organic and inorganic mulch options. 

When you like routine change, you can work on these permanent landscape features that allow you to make easy and effective changes over time. Contact a local landscaping service to learn more. 

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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