New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Awesome Father's Day Gifts He Didn't Realize He Was Missing

If you ask your dad what he wants for Father's Day, he may answer that he has everything he needs. But that might not be the case. This Father's Day, surprise your dad with these awesome and unique gifts he didn't even realize he needed. He'll be thanking you every day for the rest of the year when you give him one of these uncommon gifts.

Landscaping Services

If your dad is like most fathers, he spends too many of his precious weekend days taking care of the lawn. Lawns need specialized treatment all year long and no one knows better than your dad how time consuming these important but tedious tasks can be.

How about gifting your dad with a year of landscaping services? He'll be able to relax inside while someone else does the lawn mowing, mulching, fertilizing and even the tree trimming. To do, simply call up a reputable company in his area, choose the services you want to give and pay for the year in advance, or have the monthly bills sent to you.

Sports Channel

Local sports channels air local popular professional teams like baseball, football, hockey and golf. They usually even have local announcers who, because of their familiarity with the region, often become beloved members of the local sports community. Unfortunately, due to cable company practices, it's often not possible to get "out of the area" sports channels without paying for special channels.  If your parents have retired and moved out of state, your dad may be sacrificing watching his favorite team and his favorite announcers.

Show your dad some Father's Day love by enrolling him in the upgraded sports channel package. To do so, find out what cable company he belongs to, call them and ask about including his favorite sports team channel in his television lineup. The cable company may be able to take payment directly from you over the phone, or you may have to enlist the help of your mother to provide account number details.

Meal Delivery Services

Unfortunately, many men never learned to cook healthy meals for themselves. They may have married young and then had their wives cook for them, or just never taken an interest in cooking. If your older father lives alone, it's possible that his meals are not as nutritious as they could be.

Meal delivery services are becoming more commonplace. No longer relegated to the dieting community, many meal delivery services market to the general public, and base their meals on fresh, healthy ingredients that are nutritionally balanced. Consider signing your dad up for a year's worth of meal delivery services. He'll be able to take delivery at his door and have scrumptious meals in his kitchen all year long.

These awesome Father's Day gifts are practical, yet thoughtful. When you take time to give meaningful gifts that add quality to his life, both you and your dad will be pleased. 

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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