New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Rental Property With An Unappealing Landscape: How A Professional Can Make Improvements

Are you having a hard time getting people to step in and view your rental home? You may get more potential renters if you improve the landscape, as it is the first thing they see when passing by the house. Find out below how a professional can design a landscape that is hard to pass up, as well as what you will be charged for it.

What Can a Professional Do to Improve an Unappealing Landscape?

The first thing that the landscaper will do is examine the yard to determine how much space he or she has to work with. You will be asked if there is anything that you want put in the landscape, but the professional can make suggestions to help you out. You will either be shown sketches of landscape plans that you can choose from or the designs may be created with a computer program for more realistic details.

The landscaper will be able to create pathways throughout the landscape and incorporate a waterfall that is an attention grabber. He or she will also make sure that any trees or bushes that are in the yard are pruned to make the home look well-kept. If there is not a lot of grass, the landscaper can plant grass to give the yard an instant boost of appeal. You can also opt for getting stones or rocks placed in the areas where the grass is gone.

Other than making the landscape to your rental home more appealing, a professional will also make sure the right kind of plants are chosen. You must think of the landscape as a long-term investment so it can impress potential renters for years to come. You don't want to end up with plants that do not live long because they are not right for the climate of your area. The landscaper will discuss what types of plants are ideal for your zone and let you decide what is used.

What Does a Professional Landscaper Charge on Average?

The rate you are charged for a detailed plan will depend on the complexity of your landscape. You are looking to spend between $300 and $16,000 plus for a professional landscape plan. The average price charged for a landscaper to carry out the work in the detailed plan will vary depending on your decision. For instance, creating a natural garden can cost up to $11 per square foot, but other features can raise the price to up to $23 per square foot. Allow a professional to improve the landscape so potential renters can start showing an interest in your house! For more tips, contact a company like Futurescapes Inc.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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