New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Three No-No's Every Homeowner Should Know About Lawn Care

Cutting your lawn should be so straightforward that a monkey could do it, right? However, there are at least three mistakes some homeowners make when it comes to firing up the lawnmower and cutting the grass. If you want to improve the use of your time and make your lawn look nicer and make the job easier on your mower, avoid doing these three things:

Do Not Cut Your Grass When It Is Wet

The problem here is that grass is too slick when it is wet for the mower's blades to catch it an cut it. It is also heavy with moisture that it lays flat to the ground the minute the mower rolls over the top of it. Some of the grass may be cut, but the wet grass that is cut tends to bulk up into mush underneath your mower.

Cutting your lawn just after a rainstorm or when it is still wet with dew not only clogs up your mower and makes it less efficient, but it also makes the process quite futile. You will have to cut it again after it dries and springs straight up, looking taller than before you tried to cut it.

Do Not Cut Your Grass Too Short

You may think that cutting your grass really short will save you from cutting it again in a few days. However, the problem with cutting your grass too short is that it allows too many parasites and grass-feasting insects to destroy your lawn. It also stops your lawn's ability to collect enough sunlight to make its own food and store its nutrients in its root system.

Repeatedly cutting your grass too short will eventually cause it to die off and leave big yellow or bare patches in your yard.

If Your Grass Is Too Tall, It Is Not Grass

Grass naturally grows to a certain height and stops. The optimal height for grass is different from its natural height, but if the "grass" grows beyond its natural height, it is not grass and you have weeds. There are many weeds that look like grass, until they grow taller than five or six inches.

Then it becomes easy to identify the weeds from grass because grass does not naturally grow as tall as the grass-looking weeds around it. If you see a lot of weed grass in your yard, a good weed and feed mix applied to your lawn twice a year will help control this problem.

You may mow the weed grass prior to weeding and feeding so that the chemicals can get closer to weed grass roots and provide nutritional support to real grass. To learn more, contact a company like Natural Lawn & Landscape, LLC with any questions or concerns you have.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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