New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Discuss These Aspects With Your Landscape Designer To Create An Outdoor Paradise

If you want to transform your backyard into a welcoming oasis for entertaining friends and family, you need to start with a good plan. If you don't know much about plants, flowers, or installing patios, then your best bet is to hire a landscape designer. A landscape designer is a professional with the skills of an architect and gardener combined. He or she is vital to developing a plan that will utilize the space in your backyard in a functional and visually appealing way. Here are some decisions you'll need to make with the help of your designer.

Placement Of Patio

It makes sense to position your patio near the house, so it is easy to use. Having it by a kitchen door is handy so you can transfer food and drinks easily. However, you may prefer to have it centered around sliding or French doors in your living room, so you can open them to a relaxing view of a landscaped patio. Once you know where the patio is to be located, you'll need to decide on the type of stone to use and whether you want step seats or a fire pit built into it. You could even add a waterfall, planters, or a built-in bar. When you work with a designer, interesting features like these can be easily designed into the blueprints of your project. This is something you probably couldn't do on your own.

Installation Of Walkways

Walkways are not only useful, they provide colorful visual contrast to all the greenery in your yard. When they are expertly positioned, they add an artistic element to the scene. While it might be easier to install a straight path of large concrete pavers, a curving walkway made of decorative stone might be more to your liking. Landscape designers (like Weiler's Lawn & Landscape) have access to a wide variety of materials you may not even know about. This will help you pick the best stones and textured accents for your yard.

Choice Of Plants

When it comes to picking the type of plants for your yard, you have to consider how well the sizes and colors complement each other. You must also understand the type of care they require and bunch plants together that have the same needs. To keep your yard beautiful all year, you must understand the life cycle of the flowers and plants you choose so something is always alive or blooming. Another very important consideration is the amount of care you're willing to give the plants. If you don't like the idea of pulling weeds and tending to the flowers, then you'll have to hire someone else to do it or choose varieties that thrive on neglect. It's wise to get guidance from a professional when you're buying landscaping plants rather than just picking out varieties you think are pretty.

Use Of Lighting

Landscape lighting sets the mood for your gathering. Lights can make your backyard festive or dramatic. The way lights are positioned is important so the shadows are cast for the best effect. Different lights are used for different purposes too. While landscape lighting is an artistic element in your project, it can do double duty as security lighting as well. If you choose solar lights, you'll have some illumination at night even when the power is out, and you can use your lights every night without running up your power bill.

Before you talk to your landscape designer about drawing up a plan for your backyard, look through some home design or decorating magazines to get some great ideas. You want a firm image of what you want so you can relate it to the designer. Plus, when you design your yard right the first time, you won't have regrets and have to pay to redo it later.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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