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Unclog And Clean A Pop Up Sprinkler Head That Is Connected To An Irrigation System

If the pop up sprinkler head on your automatic irrigation system is not spraying out water when the system is turned on, learn how to unclog and clean it with the following steps. In the future, maintain the sprinkler head to decrease the need for repairs or replacement parts.


  • bucket of soapy water
  • wire brush
  • tube brush
  • vinegar
  • water hose
  • cloth
  • plastic sheeting

Remove The Sprinkler Head And Clean It

Turn off the irrigation system. Gently pull the sprinkler head away from the ground. Turn it counterclockwise to remove it. Slide the filter out from the bottom of the head and place it and the head in a bucket of soapy water. Move the parts around in the water to help loosen debris.

Scrub the surface of the sprinkler head with a wire brush. The bristles on the brush will help dislodge debris that is stuck inside of the holes on top of the sprinkler head. Use a tube brush to clean out the interior, bottom part of the sprinkler head. Move the brush up and down and twist it around as you clean the interior portion. 

Eliminate Stubborn Stains And Reattach The Sprinkler Head

If there are any stains on the sprinkler head's surface, pour some vinegar on them and allow it to penetrate for a few minutes. Vinegar will help dissolve tough stains and will disinfect the sprinkler head. Scrub each dirty area and rinse the sprinkler head off with a water hose when finished. Reattach the sprinkler head to the irrigation system and tighten it by turning it clockwise. Press the sprinkler head down towards the ground until it is in the same position that is was in before you removed it from the system.

Turn On The Irrigation System And Maintain The Sprinkler Head

Turn on the irrigation system and inspect the sprinkler head to ensure that a steady stream of water is coming out of it. Keep the sprinkler head clean by wiping it off several times a year with a damp cloth. Prevent the sprinkler head from clogging by covering it with a cloth or piece of plastic sheeting before you cut the grass that surrounds it.

Remove twigs, rocks, leaves, and other debris in your yard on a regular basis to prevent any items from coming into contact with the sprinkler head. All of these steps will prevent clogs and damage to the sprinkler head.

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