New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Suffer From Allergies? Here Are 4 Flowers That Are Perfect For Landscaping Your Yard

Landscaping your yard is a great way to add in aesthetic appeal and make your home warm and inviting. However, it isn't always an easy task when you have someone in the home who suffers from allergies. While there are a lot of flowers that can trigger allergic reactions, there are plenty of those that don't. To make the process of landscaping your yard quick and simple, consider adding in some of the following flowers to your flower bed.


Not only are hydrangeas beautiful, but they are available in a number of different colors. Choose from shades of blue, purple, pink and white. They are often found more in northern climates. Flowers are generally quite small, but grow in large clusters. Many of the healthy bushes have multiple large clusters. Since they are mostly pollen-free, they are ideal for allergy sufferers. Average shrubs are about three feet to nine feet tall, while a hydrangea vine can be as long as 75 feet.


Since roses don't have all of the pollen in them that other flowers do, they are ideal for allergy suffers. They are available in a subtle light pink, vibrant red, pure white, warm yellow, stunning orange, vivacious peach, lavish lavender, brilliant blue and many other color combinations. Add in a rose bush on either side of your flowerbed to add an aromatic fragrance and a touch of elegance and beauty that is unlike anything any other flower brings to the table.


Lilies are great for those who suffer with allergies. You can get this beautiful bloom in a pollen-free variety, which is ideal for keeping the sneezing, itching and watery eyes at bay. The Asiatic lily is available in a stunning orange, vibrant pink, gorgeous pink and a number of mixed colors as well. Not only do they look absolutely beautiful, but they are hypo-allergenic as well.


Geraniums almost look like the stunning tulip. They come in a brilliant blue, shimmering pink and vivacious magenta set amid an abundance of bright green stems and leaves. They look amazing and fill in any gaps in space you might have in your landscaping. Thanks to the new genetically engineered geraniums, you can enjoy their beauty without the threat of pollen in the air around you.

While these are only four options, there are plenty of other options out there for people suffering with allergies. You can transform the look of your yard in no time by implementing the right blend of flowers, shrubs and trees that look amazing and keep allergies at bay. To learn more about your options, speak to an expert like those at Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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