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3 Important Points Every Homeowner Should Know About Tree Removals

There are many properties that have trees on them that need to be removed. Sometimes property owners may not realize that trees on their properties pose a risk until it is too late. For example, a tree that is sick could rot, fall down, and cause property damage. The following are a few things you should know about tree removals and how you can protect yourself. 


Some people do not understand that some sick trees may appear fine on the exterior, but interior decay could be present. This can be dangerous in the case of large trees because they might be prone to falling, or large branches could break off unexpectedly. Sometimes storm damage can also affect the condition of trees. For example, lightning might strike a tree on your property and cause irreparable damage. Some wood-eating insects also invade trees and cause infestations. 


Perhaps you have a few trees on your property that are in close vicinity to your home or other structures. These trees may be healthy, but they could cause other problems in the future. For example, as trees age, their roots naturally grow. The growing roots search out water sources for nourishment. All of this activity may go undetected above ground until you have a plumbing issue. Sometimes tree roots invade sewer lines and cause major issues. The location of trees on your property is also important if there are trees that extend over your home. This is because large trees may fall for reasons other than disease and cause property damage. Leaning trees that extend over areas where your children play or that are too close to your home are potential disasters that should not be overlooked.


The sheer size of some trees causes issues for some property owners. You may have concerns about removing old trees that are in good health. There are numerous approaches that can be taken to preserve large trees. For example, you can have the trees routinely checked so that you can be aware of any development of diseases and root activity. You can also choose to have the trees removed and use the lumber for worthy purposes such as firewood donations. Some trees can also be uprooted and transplanted elsewhere.

A landscaping company like Arborcare Tree Service that offers tree removal services is a good resource to use to determine whether you have trees on your property that need to be removed due to potential property damages. They can also assist with removing trees that you want to have removed for aesthetic reasons. For example, if you have numerous trees in front of your home, they might be impeding the view of your home or creating too much shade for your lawn to flourish.  

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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