New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Just Bought A House In A Hurricane-Prone Area? 3 Tips For Preparing Your Landscape

Purchasing a home in an area that's prone to hurricanes can come with a whole series of challenges that you haven't considered before. After you've moved into the house and are looking for ways to improve the property, it's smart to see what kinds of things you can do to improve the landscaping so that the threat of hurricanes won't be a problem for maintaining them in the future.

Have the Trees Pruned

When you have a lot of trees in your property, the most important thing you want to do is have your trees pruned regularly. Trimming off branches and checking for any instability can help you get a better idea of what kind of shape the trees will be in after a hurricane passes through. Even with the winds during a tropical storm, you want to make sure that the trees are pruned so that the trees aren't going to be an issue for your yard.

Secure Any Weaker Trees

When you have some younger trees or ones that simply aren't very strong anymore, you need to take care of securing them so that they are in better shape. In some cases, you need to have the trees tied down with more support so that they won't get uprooted so easily when heavy winds occur.

Adding some extra support to the trees should be done well in advance of the storm getting close due to you wanting to make sure that the soil is dry when you add stakes and start securing the trees more.

Rely on a Professional

While there's a lot you can do to improve your landscaping before a storm comes, it's a good idea to consider the difference that a professional can make in protecting your landscape. Since an arborist is able to take a good look at your trees, you can make sure that your trees won't be at such a high risk of damage that you may not have considered before.

An arborist can also help spot any issues with the health of your trees so that you'll be able to keep up with protecting your trees.

Taking your time seeing what you can do to prepare your yard when you live somewhere that gets hurricanes can help make all the difference in the kind of shape that your yard is in. Before handling everything alone, consider the above tips that can help you feel good about preparing your landscaping for potential hurricanes. For more help, contact a company like Horton Tree Service.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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