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Drip Irrigation System Not Working For Your Flower Garden? 2 Possible Causes And Repair Tips

Drip irrigation systems can save you a lot of time and money as they provide your flowers with water exactly where the water is needed. Water drips slowly out of emitters so there is no runoff, which means you do not waste water. If you use a drip irrigation system and it is not working, this can be caused by many things. Fortunately, in most cases you can have the drip irrigation system repaired. Below are two things to learn about so you can get the drip irritation working again to keep your flowers healthy.

Clogged Emitters and Drip Hoses

One thing that may be causing your drip irrigation system to not work is clogged emitters and drip hoses. First, you need to ensure you are using the right type of filter for the system and that the filter is in good condition. If you are not using the right type or there is something wrong with the filter, this will not filter out debris that can clog up the emitters and drip hoses. You should contact a professional as the type of filter required depends on the quality of water at your home. For example, hard water will require a different type of filter. 

To repair this problem, siGood job. There were minor grammatical errors scattered throughout the piece. In future articles, remember to proofread.mply replace the filter for your drip irrigation system. It is important that you choose the right type of filter. If you do not know how to do this or do not know the type of filter, you can hire a repair company to replace the filter for you. 

Worn-Out Hoses

If you have had your drip irrigation system for quite some time, the problem could be the hoses are worn out. If so, the hoses can develop leaks very easily, which will make it hard for water to drip out of the emitters. The emitters may also be worn out. You should inspect your system on a regular basis and have a professional replace any equipment that is broken or damaged. Inspect the pressure gauges regularly also. If you see any damaged pipes, you need to have them replaced. 

If you have had your drip irrigation system for some time, you should consider replacing the entire system with a brand-new one. A professional can do this installation for you.

These tips should help you get your irrigation system running again. This way you know your flowers will stay healthy without you having to hand-water them yourself. Call an irrigation system repair service to get professional assistance.

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