New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

The Essential Spring Landscaping Services to Prepare Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, there are some things that need to be done to the landscaping. A landscaping service can help with a lot of the work that needs to be done. You may want to have them plant drought-tolerant plants, dethatch and seed the lawn, and trim trees. The following landscaping services are some of the things that you may need to have done before summer:

Trimming Tree Hazards

The trees might be some of the first problems with your landscaping that need to be dealt with. Before there is any severe weather, you want to have the trees evaluated for hazards. Outside of the normal pruning that needs to be done, some trees need to be trimmed. The trees with hazardous or unhealthy growth should be trimmed to protect your property during severe weather.

Dethatching and Seeding

You probably also want to have greener grass during the summer months. Therefore, there is some work that needs to be done to your lawn. This should start with dethatching to remove dead grass blades and roots. After dethatching the lawn, it can be seeded with a drought-tolerant seed mixture. This will ensure your lawn stays green and healthy all summer long. In addition to drought-tolerant grass seed, you may want to ask about applying a slow-release fertilizer. These treatments provide the lawn with the nutrients it needs to establish a healthy root system and greener turf.

Drought-Tolerant Plants

In addition to the lawn seed, other drought-tolerant plants can be added to your landscaping design. If you want to ensure the plants in your landscaping thrive, talk to your landscaping service about using native species. There are options like laurels, azaleas, and other hardy and durable species for many different climates. If the climate is different where you live, consider using plants that are native to the area where you live.

Hardscaping and Ground Cover

The hardscaping around your yard may also need repairs and improvements this spring. You want to repair any damaged hardscaping and add a new ground cover to areas like flower beds. A landscaping service can remove weeds and unwanted plants before installing a barrier to line flower beds. The weed barrier will help protect the new ground cover to ensure it looks nice all summer.

The landscaping work you have done now will ensure your property looks good all summer long. Contact a landscaping service to have these things done before the weather gets too hot.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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