New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Use Landscape Rock In An Enchanted Garden Makeover

If your backyard is too prosaic and you'd like to add a touch of enchantment, making over your landscaping with an enchanted forest theme can be a fun and fulfilling project. Here are a few ways you can use river rock when transforming your area into an enchanted forest or enchanted garden-themed space.

1. Use rock in a water feature

A water feature that looks like it came straight from the woods is ideal for this aesthetic. You'll ideally want to design a setup that allows water to pour down over large slabs of rock that will grow moss on them over time. The water can then trickle down to a basin that has something sparkling (such as polished pebbles or landscape glass) at the bottom to catch the light.

2. Create fairy landscapes with river rocks or pebbles

In an enchanted garden landscape, you may want to install decorative fairy houses or tiny miniaturized landscape elements to give the impression that fairies, gnomes, or other enchanted creatures could live in the area. You can use river rocks as stepping stones for a path to a fairy house, or use tiny pebbles to make a tiny fairy-sized gravel pathway.

Tiny hardscapes like a miniature zen garden or a miniaturized version of a fire pit can also be fun accessories to add to these decorative miniature houses. Tiny boulders (made with large chunks of gravel) can be used to outline these features or as a border around the entire fairy landscape.

3. Install a meandering pathway

You can also use landscape rock to define a meandering pathway through your yard. A path of pea gravel that twists and turns like a woodland stream will fit right in with your enchanted forest theme. If you like, you could even use blue-tinted rock or blue landscape glass in addition to or instead of pea gravel, allowing your pathway to look even more like a stream.

A path created entirely out of large rock slabs can also be a charming type of pathway for this sort of landscape. For added charm and enchantment, allow fragrant ground cover plants such as creeping time to silently spill across the rock pathway.

These are just a few of the options for using landscape rock in an enchanted garden makeover. Remember, any element that seems magical to you could end up as part of your new and improved landscape. Get in touch with a local landscape rock supplier today to learn more about the different types of rock available in your area and their differing costs, like B&D Gravel.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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