New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Tree Trimming Services To Help Deal With Summer Storm Damage Before Things Get Worse

As the summer storms become more frequent, it is possible for the canopies of your trees to be damaged. This damage can leave trees vulnerable and lead to property damage or someone getting hurt. Often, the damage starts as minor issues that can be treated with a minimal amount of trimming. Therefore, the trees in your landscaping might need trimming and care.

Branches Weakened Under Their Own Weight

The problems with branches are sometimes not as obvious when storms cause damage. Sometimes, the problems with the tree branches weakening are beneath the bark. While a branch may look ok on the outside of the bark, the weight of the branch and damage from storms can cause it to sag. These are the branches that make your trees the most vulnerable to damage and need to be trimmed before the next storm.

Broken Branches Causing Tree Hazards

Sometimes, broken branches might not fall to the ground or could be hanging on the tree. This can cause hazards to people, property, and the tree itself. Therefore, you might need help dealing with heavy branches that are hanging from the tree canopy by a thread. These branches need to be removed from the canopies of trees before they fall and cause damage or injuries. The tree service can also trim branches that are at risk of falling or being damaged during a storm.

Overgrowth That Leave Trees Vulnerable

The trees can also have problems with overgrowth that makes them more vulnerable to damage. Sometimes, you might need to have the overgrowth trimmed when it causes branches to become more vulnerable to damage. If you notice branches that started out overgrown but have begun to become heavier over spring and summer, these might need trimming to help keep your trees safe and healthy.

Shaping Trees to Prevent Storm Damage Issues

The shape of tree canopies is also important, and you might want to have trimming done when trees begin to lose their form. This is something that you might want to do if there are branches that are becoming dominant that shouldn't or to deal with a good growing season. During a good growing season, there might be the perfect combination of rain and sun to cause the canopy to have a lot of new growth that you want to trim.

The trimming of your trees can help protect them from further storm damage during the summer months. Contact a tree trimming service to get the help you need dealing with these issues.  

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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