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Learn About Sprinkler Damage And Have Them Repaired Promptly

An automatic sprinkler system can change everything about the way you water your lawn. You can set the timer so you don't forget to water the yard. The sprinkler system can have gauges to prevent over-watering, which keeps the grass healthier, prevents flooding and accompanying foundation issues, and prevents mosquito infestations. There are rain detection features, so the sprinklers don't come on when it's already raining. There are many other features your sprinkler system can have as well. However, the system only works right if it's in good working condition. This article will help you learn what can cause damage, so you're in an excellent position to find problems and have them fixed. 

Tree Roots Can Cause Damage

It's common for tree roots to damage sprinkler systems. However, sprinkler pipes are usually about a foot under the surface, so the trees with deeper root systems spare them. Trees with shallow roots that fan out, such as the Birch Tree, can be especially problematic for sprinklers. The roots can easily invade the space the sprinkler pipes are in. They can slowly crush the pipes. Sometimes, pipes get caught between roots and get pinched off. Tree roots can also push against one part of the pipe and cause the connection to come apart.

Frozen Pipes Can Damage Sprinkler Systems

Frozen pipes can be a real problem for your sprinklers in the winter. Water in the pipes can freeze and expand. When the pipes expand, they can break. You should winterize the sprinklers before the temperature drops too much. If you get caught by surprise, then you'll want to have the damage fixed and also have the plumber winterize the system then, so the problem doesn't repeat. Winterizing the sprinklers includes shutting the water off to the system, draining the water, turning off the timer, and insulating the parts above the surface. You should have the plumber winterize the system the first time. Then, you can decide if you want to take over each year or continue having them do it. 

Sprinkler System Corrosion Can Create Big Problems

Sprinkler systems can corrode and create major problems. Once the system has corrosion, all the affected areas will need to be replaced. While the fix isn't a simple one, it is necessary. Corrosion is caused by rust. The pipes can become rusted when oxygen reacts with iron and forms iron oxides. The iron oxides are commonly referred to as "rust." Rust leads to corrosion, and corrosion is the deterioration that occurs once rust sets in. There's no way to correct corrosion, so it's best to have pipes replaced that you know are at risk of being rusted. 


Now that you know some ways sprinklers are broken, you know what to watch for. Sometimes, this information can help you prevent problems. Other times, it helps you determine the issues and have them fixed quickly. 

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