New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

Water Wonders: Enhancing Your Landscape Design With Water Features

It is hard to beat a great waterfall, pond, or fountain to add interest and beauty to a landscape design. In fact, water features are often one of the main focal points of a great landscape and you have several options to choose from when you decide to incorporate a water feature into your design. Even the simplest water feature can enhance the eye appeal of your landscape.

Peaceful ponds

Ponds are one of the most popular additions to backyards and for good reason. You can truly make ponds your own by having them constructed in an unusual shape, using natural stone to decorate the perimeter of the pond, and you can add decorative stone to the bottom of a shallow pond to create interest and add color. You can also add plants and fish if desired and you will enjoy watching the interesting wildlife that ponds will attract to your yard.

Fabulous water fountains

One of the easiest water features to add to your landscape is a traditional water fountain. These ready-made fountains may contain a variety of waterfall features and are perfect for small yards where space is limited. The soothing sound the fountains create makes them a popular choice for those who want to create an outdoor sanctuary in their landscape for relaxing.

Serene streams

Adding a stream to your landscape design is a great way to transform your outdoor space into a serene scene. Streams can be installed in both flat and hilly landscapes, and they give you plenty of options for design. Using a combination of large and small rocks in your stream bed will help you achieve the best flowing water sound, and you can add lights for an ambient effect at night.

Wonderful waterfalls

Adding a waterfall feature to your landscape design is beneficial for several reasons. It is naturally beautiful, creates a soothing sound, and large waterfalls give off a pleasing mist for cooling off on sweltering summer days. You can design a waterfall with multiple layers, and they can be incorporated into a hillside or designed in rocky areas, which is helpful if your property contains challenging landscape elements. 

There are several reasons homeowners may decide to install a water feature in their landscape. Water features add natural beauty to a yard and the sound of trickling water often evokes feelings of peace and serenity. Simple or elaborate, water features are likely to remain a popular addition to landscape designs for years to come.

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New Landscape Makes a Yard Feel New Again

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